About Us

Paw Wine brews 100% non-alcoholic snack wines for our feline and canine friends to enjoy. Made from organic ingredients and infused with vitamins, now you can enjoy a healthy toast with your pawed friends!  

Based in California, we love our neighbors as much as we love our pets.  We want to support local farmers here in America, so all the ingredients that go into our products are sourced and produced here in the USA.

Château du Cat

Paw Wine Château du Cat is brewed from organic catnip, beet (Red Wine) and carrot (White Wine) and has proven to be a favorite amongst many felines. Though studies have shown catnip has effect on only 60-70% of cats, those that are affected tend to allow closer bonding with their owners after exposure.  Cats sensitive to catnip tend to get a natural “high” which can make them more playful and roll or bounce around. Beets boost stamina, fight inflammation and is rich in valuable nutrients and fiber which is good for the general health of cats. Carrots are a nutrient-rich source of vitamins and minerals, including beta-carotene, that have proven to help maintain good vision. All cat wines are brewed with sea salt and vitamins which also serve as the best natural preservatives.

Château du Dog

Paw Wine Château du Dog is brewed using organic peppermint (Red Wine) and organic chamomile (White Wine). Peppermint has been proven to soothe upset stomach, reduce gas, reduce nausea, and also serve as an antiseptic and analgesic. Besides any health benefits, it also freshens up the sometimes dreaded canine breath! Chamomile tends to have a calming effect on our canine friends and can settle the nerves and stomach. All dog wines are brewed with all-natural sea salt and vitamins which also serve as the best natural preservatives.

Now Pet Lovers never need to drink alone! Pour a glass and have a toast with your pawed companions!